Subham’s puja gift: ‘Chahinthibi Tate Hajare Barasha’

Sushree & Subham

After the success of his debut movie ‘Premara Nisha Niara Niara’ which bagged many awards, Subham Naik will shortly be seen romancing Sushree in the Odia film ‘Chahinthibi Tate Hajare Barasha’. Other than lead pair Subham-Sushree, the film has Mihir Das, Ratan Meher, Salil Mitra and Benudhar Patel (Jojo) in major roles.

“This is a romantic mystery whereas my earlier movie was an action-packed suspense. The film’s story is based on the backdrop of the nineties. We have used the sets and assets keeping the specific period in mind. The story depicts the actor’s journey from Bhubaneswar to Sambalpur showing locales from the eastern as well as the western Odisha. The movie also features an interesting hockey-related episode.” recounts Subham.

“Love between the lead pair originates at a college and later it takes twists and turns with disappointments mired in mystery,” says Debapriya Senanayak, debutant director of the film. Associated with technical teams of a few Hollywood movies, the tech-savvy director said, “The post-production work of some Hollywood films is done in India. I was in the technical team of Batman Returns and Jungle Book during my Mumbai stint.”

Made under WeIcons Motion Pictures in sync with Srujan Films, ‘Chanhithibi…’ was produced by Bharati Naik, a business tycoon. Screenplay and script was handled by the director himself while the dialogues have been penned by Mana Das. Samitree Palai has composed the songs written by lyricists Nirmal Nayak, Manaranjan Das and Kishore. Humane Sagar, Asima Panda, Satyajeet, Rituparna and Chittaranjan have lent their voice to the tracks.

Himanshu Guru, OP

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