Remembering the Martyrs: 35 pilgrims carry 361-ft long Tricolour during Kanwar Yatra

Muzaffarnagar: In an extremely overwhelming sight, around 35 pilgrims from Keshopur Sathla near Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, undertook the annual pilgrimage, Kanwar Yatra, August 4, 2018, carrying a 361-feet long Tricolour in memory of the Martyrs .

The sight was to behold as the Delhi-Dehradun National Highway was seen drenched in the colours of the National Flag carried by the pilgrims. Thousands of people came to watch the procession.

Filled with pride for the Martyrs who laid their lives for the freedom of the country, the 35 were seen walking with the National Flag on the NH.

According to reports, the pilgrims took the pledge to get the longest tricolour on the occasion of the Kanwar Yatra in a small gesture to pay homage to martyrs who have sacrificed their lives for the country.

So, they made the 361-feet, the longest ever, Tricolour. After fetching water from River Ganga in Har Ki Pauri of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, the pilgrims walked back to their village. They later offered ‘Gangajal’ at a temple in their village.

“We love the Tricolour and our country. We are proud of the Martyrs who have sacrificed their lives while protecting the country. So, this was a small gesture and tribute to the brave soldiers and their sacrifices for the country,” said Moolchand Rajput, one of the devotees carrying the flag.

Another pilgrim, Narendra Saini, said that the main purpose of bringing the flag was to remember the Martyrs.

Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage that is undertaken in the month of Shravan, dedicated to Lord Shiva.

More than 50 lakhs people take this journey on foot to travel to Ganga from Gau Mukh Gangotri Dham and Haridwar and get holy water on their journey back to the hometown to offer it to Shiva temples on Shivratri which was on August 9 this year.



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