Juangas suffer as govt housing scheme fails to take off

Keonjhar: The Juanga tribals of Budhakaman panchayat in the Harichandanpur block of Keonjhar district were allocated houses, but even now they are living in their dilapidated houses.

The reason is that the allocated houses are yet to be built. This has put a question mark over the government’s housing schemes for the poor. In fact, the Juangas are leading a miserable life with their houses leaking in the rains.

An example is Jogeswar Juanga of Nodam village. The walls of his house have partially collapsed and rain water drips to the floor, making it difficult for his family of three to sleep.

Jogeswar said that though he had drawn the attention of the administration, nothing was done for the construction of his house. The tribals here were allocated housing units on the basis of the land title deeds given to them under the Forest Dweller Act.

The situation is the same in other villages in the region too. Nodam is located in a hilly forested region, 40 km away from district headquarters.

Thirty Juanga families live in the village. Of them, 20 were allocated houses in 2012. But till date not a single house has been completed, forcing them to live in rundown houses. They said that despite repeated complaints to the administration, nothing is being done. On the contrary, the government brags about the success of its housing schemes.

Experts said the administration can understand the reality of housing scheme implementation in the village if a review is undertaken.

Beneficiaries, whose houses have remained incomplete, include Pabitra Juanga, Sukuru Juanga, Madhu Juanga, Megha Juanga, Udia Juanga, Laxmidhar Juanga, Krushna Juanga, Sudarhsna Juanga, Pabnchu Juanga, Banamali Juanga, Tukuna Juanga, Nishakar Juanga, Brahmanada Juanga, Jogeswar, Juanga, Bansidhar Juanga, Tabha Juanga, Snatan Juanga, Indramani Juanga, Kaintha Juanga, Ballabh Juanga, Harihar Juanga, Machuu Juanga, Sarjania Juanga and Tankadhar Juanga.

Duti Juanga said her husband had hoped that their house would be constructed, but he died without seeing his new home. Now Duti lives a miserable life without a shelter. They have demanded immediate steps to construct the allocated houses in their village.



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