ATM fraud: Anganwadi worker loses Rs 40,000

Ganjam: Vishnu Behera, an Anganwadi worker of Kharida at Totasahi near Hinjilicut in Ganjam district, lost Rs 40,000 in an ATM fraud Tuesday.

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The money was withdrawn from an SBI ATM in Laxmi Bazaar.

According to reports, when Vishnu was filling the cash withdrawal form at the Hinjilicut branch of SBI Tuesday, a stranger approached her and said it is easier to withdraw money from the ATM.

When Vishnu went to an ATM counter in Laxmi Bazaar, the youth followed her and said he would help her withdraw cash.

When Vishnu gave him the card, he swiped the card twice and replied that the ATM was not working due to some technical error.

However, after reaching home, she received two SMS alerts that Rs 20,000 was withdrawn from her account twice.

Vishnu lodged a complaint with Hinjilicut police.

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